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Explore a world of illuminations!

4/15/24 9:46 AM3 min read

Illuminate and decorate all your events through the seasons

Discover our new "Seasons Catalog 2024" Every season and every celebration deserves a ...
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3/8/24 3:17 PM3 min read

Brighten up your Easter festivities with our customizable decorations

Luminous Easter celebrations with Leblanc illuminations Easter is a magical time, ...
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2/28/24 11:58 AM3 min read

Celebrate sport with Leblanc illuminations

Discover our ideas to celebrate the 2024 Games with eco-friendly e-deco decorations and ...
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2/26/24 11:37 AM2 min read

HALTO: a newcomer to Leblanc illuminations!

HALTO, the new brand from the Leblanc illuminations family For over three decades, HALTO ...
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2/21/24 4:21 PM2 min read

Discover the 2024 Illuminations White Book

Discover the 2024 illuminations White Book to organize unforgettable festivities with the ...
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10/12/23 5:20 PM2 min read

Celebrate Diwali with Leblanc illuminations!

Diwali: the celebration of light and joy Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the ...
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9/27/23 9:49 AM2 min read

Celebrate Halloween with Leblanc illuminations

Celebrate Halloween with our luminous decorations and eco-designed 3D-printed decorations ...
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8/8/23 4:48 PM1 min read

Our Apave CSR 26000 certification renewed for 2 years

Renewal of our Apave CSR 26000 certification until 2025 Leblanc illuminations, a company ...
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7/5/23 11:52 AM1 min read

A grandiose partnership with the centenary of Le Mans 24-hour race

Leblanc illuminations brings magic to the Centenary of the 24h of Le Mans! Emblematic of ...
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6/13/23 10:42 AM1 min read

An unforgettable musical summer with e-deco

Celebrate summer with music from our e-deco collection! Every summer, music livens up the ...
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6/9/23 10:54 AM2 min read

The Rugby World Cup is coming up!

Immerse yourself in the Rugby World Cup! For the second time in its history, France will ...
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6/1/23 3:23 PM1 min read

A simple way to energize your theme park!

Create a unique and captivating family atmosphere in your theme park For 65 years, ...
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