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Discover our new "Seasons Catalog 2024"

Every season and every celebration deserves a unique decoration and luminous touch. At Leblanc illuminations, we are delighted to present our brand new "Seasons Catalog 2024" a dazzling selection of luminous and non-luminous decorations designed to enhance your celebrations all year round!


Luminous and non-luminous decors for every occasion

Well known for our magnificent Christmas illuminations, we've expanded our range in recent years to offer a variety of decorations for all seasons and events.

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Pink October, summer festivities, carnival or sporting events, we've got just what you need to create a magical atmosphere with our beautiful decorations, night and day

Discover our Boulliz' and all its variations

Among our new products, discover our Boulliz' range. This décor adds a playful touch to any event. Made from a Hydro REDUXA aluminum ball structure available in a range of colors, you can combine different kits to easily transform it. 

In just a few minutes, your Boulliz' will be transformed to accompany you all year round! An adorable rabbit for Easter, a funny fish or octopus for the seaside in summer, a pumpkin for Halloween, a snowman for Christmas, and many more variations! Boulliz' is sure to surprise and amuse you.


Create unforgettable memories with our new seating modules, arches and selfy frames

For unforgettable moments, discover our new modular seating and explore our different models of arches and selfy frames to be placed on the floor. These elegant structures, luminous or non-luminous, can be easily customized with our e-deco decorations.

Our e-deco 3D printing technology enables ultimate personalization, offering a dazzling color palette and custom designs to match your desires and identity. e-deco technology offers infinite possibilities to suit any occasion.

Whether to immortalize a family moment or to attract visitors to an event, our evolving decorations add a playful, interactive dimension to every celebration.

Eco-responsible suspensions for a suspended glow

Add a touch of enchantment to all these decorations by pairing them with our wonderful e-deco suspensions, available for all the year's themes. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, we're proud to say that our e-deco products are made from bio-based, recycled and recyclable materials.

These luminous and non-luminous suspensions offer an eco-friendly alternative while bringing elegant life to your spaces. Available in a multitude of patterns, colors and sizes, they add a touch of suspended brilliance to all your events.


Twinkly Pro: cutting-edge technology for customized atmospheres

For an even more immersive experience, explore our range of Twinkly Pro products. With these connected lighting products, which can be controlled point by point via smartphone, you can create personalized, animated atmospheres that will captivate your audience. Twinkly Pro turns your ideas into illuminated reality with spectacular staging.


Light up your buildings with HALTO

In addition to our festive decorations, we're also proud to offer products from HALTO, a brand specializing in dynamic architectural lighting. With striking lighting effects to enhance the beauty of your buildings, HALTO offers a sophisticated lighting solution for all your installations and set designs that will be the perfect accompaniment to all our decors.

Download our "2024 Seasons Catalog"

Whether you're a city looking for decorations to embellish your streets, a shop or a company looking to create a memorable experience for your customers, or an event organizer looking to impress your audience, Leblanc illuminations' "2024 Seasons Catalog" has everything you need.


Don't forget that our complete catalog is available for download, so don't wait any longer to dive into a world of luminous creativity!

With our colorful decors and innovative lighting solutions, elevate your events to new heights and create unforgettable memories for all. Get in touch with our team of professionals today, and let the magic of Leblanc illuminations light up your celebrations, season after season, event after event.

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We're here to help you create your projects. Contact us to find out more about our collections and discover all our products and lighting solutions.