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Luminous Easter celebrations with Leblanc illuminations

Easter is a magical time, symbolizing renewal and joy. To bring this festive atmosphere to life, there's nothing like luminous decorations to fill cities and villages with wonder, as well as shopping centers, small businesses, theme parks and companies in the hotel, catering and events sectors. In this article, we'll explore how to create an original and captivating Easter decoration with Leblanc illuminations' innovative products.

Luminous decorations with our customizable arches and selfy frames

Leblanc illuminations' selfy frames and arches offer customizable structures, perfect for marking upcoming events all year round. For Easter, we've come up with two colorful and elegant frame designs. But you can also let your creativity run wild by adding iconic elements such as colorful eggs, bunnies and festive symbols to selfy frames or arches that you can create yourself.

These decorations can be placed indoors or outdoors, creating visual points of interest that will capture the attention of passers-by and visitors, who will love to immortalize a moment with family or friends in a photo.

paques_parc paques_centre_commercial


Floorstanding decorations: discover the Boulliz' collection

Adorable and fun, find the traditional Easter bunnies and eggs among our 2D floorstanding decorations. Also discover the Boulliz' evolving collection, which stands out for its originality and personalization. Starting with a ball structure in different colors, the Boulliz' collection can be quickly and easily customized to create multiple characters for different events throughout the year. Specially designed for Easter, the Bunny model features an amusing rabbit head, adding a festive funny touch to your decoration.


All these 2D and 3D floorstanding decors can be placed in pedestrian squares and city streets, and even inside shopping centers, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.


e-deco suspensions: ecological and festive

Leblanc illuminations' e-deco suspensions demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability. Made from bio-sourced, recycled and recyclable materials, these suspensions offer an eco-friendly alternative for light decoration. With a variety of patterns, bright colors and different sizes, they create a vibrant, festive atmosphere to celebrate Easter while respecting the environment.

It's easy to combine these e-deco suspensions with lighting elements such as guinguette garlands, droplights or light curtains from our Chromex brand for an even more stunning, bright and festive result!


Customized lighting atmospheres with Twinkly Pro

For an immersive experience, Twinkly Pro technology, distributed by Leblanc illuminations, offers lighting products that can be connected and controlled easily by smartphone. This allows you to create personalized, animated atmospheres to suit your Easter festivities. Use Twinkly Pro garlands and curtain lights to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a modern, interactive touch to your decor.

New: dynamic architectural lighting with HALTO

Expanding its range, Leblanc illuminations now offers products from HALTO, a brand specialized in dynamic architectural lighting equipment. Primarily composed of spotlights, this range can be used to illuminate and dress buildings with elegance, creating unique lighting atmospheres that are the perfect complement to our Easter decorations.

Halto_01 Halto_04


An inspirational brochure for successful light decoration

To guide you in your choice of light decorations, suspensions, luminous garlands and architectural lighting for Easter, don't forget to consult our inspiration brochure, available for download from our website. You'll find a detailed presentation of all our products, plus tips for creating unforgettable atmospheres.

Thanks to Leblanc illuminations' innovative products and expertise, creating an original and captivating Easter decoration becomes child's play. From funny 3D decors to eco-friendly suspensions and interactive garlands, each product offers a unique opportunity to transform your space into a magical place. Download our brochure now and contact our sales team to create unforgettable Easter celebrations, illuminated by the magic of Leblanc illuminations.

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