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Discover our ideas to celebrate the 2024 Games with eco-friendly e-deco decorations and professional lighting installations.

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The 2024 Olympic Games are fast approaching, and it's the perfect time to showcase your support for this exciting global event. Are you wondering how to decorate your business, restaurant, or sports-related establishment for the 2024 Games? Whether you're a host city, a small company, or a sports club, decorating your spaces will create a memorable atmosphere for your customers, members, and visitors.

To guide you in choosing the most suitable decorations for your spaces, our sales team is available to assist you. Get inspired by downloading the brochure to access our entire 2024 sports collection!


At Leblanc Illuminations, we're here to help you illuminate these spaces spectacularly for the 2024 Games and throughout the year during your sports events.

Here are some bright ideas to inspire you:


1. Dress your store with Olympic flags 

There's nothing like colorful Olympic flags to show your support for athletes and the event. Hang them on your store to create a festive atmosphere at first glance.


2. Illuminate your facades with our Twinkly Pro connected light curtains

LED lights are a fantastic way to bring your business to life. Use Olympic-colored garland lights to illuminate your facades, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Now is the perfect time to install our Twinkly Pro light curtains: with a click on your smartphone, scroll through colors according to the day's events!



3. Create a thematic display with e-deco suspensions

Transform your store into a true tribute to the Games. Arrange trophies, an e-deco flame, or multicolored e-deco suspensions to attract the attention of passersby: rowing, cycling, handball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, fencing, weightlifting, basketball, swimming, rugby, etc.


4. Create custom light decors and installations in the spirit of the Games

If you have official authorization to use the Olympic rings, we can help you create custom decors for the event! If you're a city, our luminous decors are perfect for transforming your spaces: dress up roundabouts, squares, with 100% customizable luminous decors. Discover our 2D suspensions, frames, 3D decors, and lamp culumn to dress up public spaces and parks in your city, creating a festive and luminous environment for residents and visitors. Let's personalize your decors with the identity of your city.



5. Organize sports events

Schedule 2024 Games viewing nights in your restaurant or host live viewing sessions in your store. Ensure your decoration aligns with the sports ambiance. Our e-deco range offers daytime and luminous, durable, and colorful decorations perfect for the 2024 Games. All our e-deco collections are created using innovative 3D printing technology, using bio-sourced, recycled, and recyclable materials to create colorful and original patterns.


6. Involve your customers

Encourage your customers to take photos of your decorated store and share them on social media with a dedicated hashtag for the 2024 Games.


7. Share your story  

If you have a personal connection with sports or local athletes, share this story with your customers. It will strengthen the emotional bond between your business and the community.


Decorating your business for the 2024 Games can create a memorable experience for your customers and reinforce your commitment to the community and sports.

At Leblanc illuminations, we are ready to help you realize these luminous ideas to highlight your company or store. We prioritize the quality of our products and work with eco-friendly materials, ensuring the sustainability and resistance of our decorations.

Download our brochure to explore our entire sports collection and be inspired by our luminous and non-luminous decors, designed with environmentally friendly materials.


Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and create a decoration that will leave lasting memories.



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