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Discover the 2024 illuminations White Book to organize unforgettable festivities with the latest collections and creations from Leblanc illuminations.

New Collections to Illuminate Your Celebrations

Explore our brand-new illumination collections to make your festivities even more magical. Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, our illuminations will create a fairy-tale ambiance. We offer a wide range of fairy lights, projectors, and much more. Let yourself be inspired by our unique creations and transform your event into a true light spectacle.


Explore the Gallery Pages for Inspiration

Besoin d'inspiration pour vos illuminations ? Parcourez nos pages de réalisations pour découvrir des exemples concrets de nos installations. Que ce soit pour décorer une place publique, illuminer un parc ou mettre en valeur un bâtiment, nos réalisations vous donneront de nombreuses idées pour sublimer votre événement. Laissez libre cours à votre imagination et créez une atmosphère unique grâce à nos illuminations.Need inspiration for your illuminations? Browse through our achievement pages to discover concrete examples of our installations. Whether decorating a public square, illuminating a park, or highlighting a building, our achievements will give you numerous ideas to enhance your event. Unleash your imagination and create a unique atmosphere with our illuminations.


Complete Technical Guide for a Successful Installation

For a successful illumination installation, it's essential to follow a complete technical guide. In our white book, you'll find all the necessary information to choose your illuminations wisely, install them safely, and maintain them for optimal durability. We also provide advice on managing lighting and creating special effects. With our expertise, you can achieve a professional installation and impress your guests.

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Tips for Choosing Illuminations Suitable for Your Event

Choosing the right illuminations for your event can sometimes be a challenge. In our white book, we provide practical tips for making the right choice. We consider various criteria such as the theme of your event, the size of the space to be illuminated, the desired ambiance, and more. Whether you're looking for discreet and elegant lighting or bolder illuminations, we have solutions tailored to your needs.



Create Unforgettable Celebrations with our e-deco Collections

The 2024 illuminations are designed to create unforgettable celebrations. With innovative technologies and unique designs, our illuminations will offer you an exceptional visual experience. Whether celebrating year-end holidays, a sports event, or any other special moment, our illuminations will delight everyone. Make your event a memorable experience with the 2024 illuminations from Leblanc illuminations.


Need some advice?

We're here to help you create an unforgettable project. Please contact us to find out more about our products and how we can help you with your project.