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HALTO, the new brand from the Leblanc illuminations family

For over three decades, HALTO has been the preferred partner for lighting designers, visual artists, scenographers, and agencies, showcasing its expertise in creating exceptional lighting designs. Today, a new era begins for the HALTO brand as it proudly becomes a part of the Leblanc illuminations family. Established in 1958, Leblanc illuminations has made history as a pioneer in the festive illumination market, offering over 65 years of expertise in the realization of customized projects, both in France and internationally.

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HALTO: Bringing Your Creative Ideas to Extraordinary Realities

With decades of recognized experience, HALTO stands out for its ability to create customized lighting that precisely meets your needs. This is the result of the dedicated work of a team of lighting professionals committed to designing products tailored to the specificities and constraints of each project.

A Comprehensive Range of Professional Products

HALTO's arsenal includes spotlights with outstanding performance, allowing for high saturation levels and unprecedented color mixing. Equipped with filters offering various beam angles, these spotlights perfectly adjust to the desired effect. Additionally, their segment-controlled system adds an extra artistic dimension to architectural highlighting.





The next-generation LED bars, available in three different formats (9 to 27 LEDs), are specifically designed for architectural lighting. With an IP66 certification, they provide a flexible solution for illuminating buildings in various outdoor installations.

Underground products are designed for in-ground or in-wall installations. Featuring optics specially developed to ensure optimal performance, perfect color mixing, and high luminous flux, they have an IP67 housing and IK10 protection rating, allowing installation both outdoors and indoors.







Image projectors are perfect for projecting images onto buildings or other outdoor surfaces. With gobo effects, CMY, prism, frost, and zoom, these projectors offer captivating projections at short and long distances, becoming a preferred tool for enhancing buildings, shopping centers, theme parks, historical monuments, and much more.

Explore Our Universe: Download the HALTO Catalog

For a complete immersion in the luminous world of HALTO, download our detailed catalog. Discover each product with its unique features, usage tips, and inspirations to integrate these exceptional lighting solutions into your projects. We also invite you to visit our website HALTO for more information, explore our latest creations, and get in touch with our passionate team.

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By joining Leblanc illuminations, HALTO opens an exciting new chapter, combining expertise and innovation to meet the diverse needs of lighting designers, scenographers, and anyone eager to transform their creative ideas into extraordinary lighting realities.

At Leblanc illuminations, we are proud to welcome HALTO into our family, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in the festive lighting domain. The reliability and performance of HALTO products have already made them a regular choice for our lighting projects and the realization of our sound and light shows. Together, let's continue to illuminate the world and bring your luminous dreams to life.

Need some advice? 

We are here to support you in creating your projects. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our HALTO products and discover all our lighting solutions.